Hey Mama!

I am so glad you found my website! I don't believe in coincidence...I believe everything happens for a reason and I fully believe you are here reading this for a reason. 

Perhaps your a mama who is wanting more from life than her current situation... 

I was there too. 

In 2015 I had my first baby and I was desperate to be able to stay home with him. I loved being a nurse but I hated working weekends and holidays and I really dreaded working 12 hour shifts where I would miss out on an entire day of seeing my little guy. 

I entered the world of Network Marketing which opened so many doors for me. I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug BIG time and that's when I knew I could use social media to reach a lot of people and help specific people while earning an income. 


I learned the skills from top industry leaders, I invested in courses and I hustled! I knew how to market properly and prospect but it just wasn't clicking for me! 


I did everything I was supposed to do...I was pretty much robotic each day:: blog, email, post, prospect, repeat. I started to not enjoy doing the work anymore. I couldn't be a good mom, a good wife and a business owner. And I wasn't. I pretty much sucked at all 3 for a while...until I learned to put myself first. 


I took a step back from business. 


I got in alignment. I centered myself. I connected myself. I discovered my purpose.


That's when the shift happened.  

Healing begins on the inside. If we want to heal the world we must heal ourselves. I fully believe in a WHOLE-istic approach. Mind-Body-Soul. There isn't one without the other.  In order to have a good mindset we must take care of our bodies, and in order to take care of our bodies we must understand it on a spiritual level. 


This is when The Fearless Mama Brand was created. And this is why you are here. 



2 certifications in the Law Of Attraction

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

Reiki Master



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